Social media gave birth to strangers

Social networks gave birth to stranger and extremely varied musical phenomenon. The majority of them are global but short-lived. We can talk for example about the Harlem Shake which consists in realizing a small video with a very specific music and at the time of the "drop" the participants realize unexpected movements. More recently the... Continue Reading →

Nowadays, social networks take more and more place within the society.nIndeed, on the Internet you can find everything, whether it is to learn to how to cook, make up, gardening ... Some knew how to use social networks to be known such as influencers or singers.  The group of 3 girls, L.E.J. ; was known thanks... Continue Reading →

The influencing social, first music networks

Today, more and more people prefer to trust the recommendations made on the social networks. The community networks became the first source of recommendations in the developed countries but also in the emerging countries (the biggest only) today. In 2013, a poll is made by the firm Bath and Company: questioned 38 % of the... Continue Reading →

Top 3 of music hits about social medias

In the big internet we can find everything : the first social media has been created in 1995 and is named Classmates. Since, many social networks were born like Facebook. We have decided today to come back on the ambiguious relation that we have with our social networks in 3 music tracks. GYM CLASS HEROES –... Continue Reading →


Social networks are also the first creator of talents. For example in 2007 with Kamini, a young French rapper who terrifies the social networks thanks to YouTube. But the real change is in 2003, the Myspace network becomes a stage for the young unknown artists. It is a way to broadcast its work without the... Continue Reading →

Social media and music festival scene

Music festivals are getting bigger than ever before. 10 million people attended music festivals in 1969 while an incredible 32 million people attended music festivals in 2016, and the numbers are still rising ! The reason for this growing popularity? Two words: Social. Media. Thanks to this technology, festivals now have at their disposal a range... Continue Reading →

Sorry for our bad manners !

Hey guys ! Long time no see .. We just wanted to say sorry for not introducing ourselves earlier. But we’re going to make it right !   So as we said we’re just a bunch of students trying to analyze the world of social media but with music !   Here’s a little presentation of... Continue Reading →

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